The following links will take you to entries on Parliament TV or Hansard for Philippa’s  main contributions in the House of Commons:

Recent Speeches

27/2/17 Estimates Debate on the NHS and Social Care Budget

27/2/17 Debate on the  e-petition relating to attacks on NHS medical staff

9/2/17  Occupied Palestinian Territories: Israeli Settlements https://goo.gl/slQxK1

31/1/17 European Union (Notifications of Withdrawal) Bill https://goo.gl/lYUDAJ

30/1/17 Agenda for Change: NHS Pay Restraint https://goo.gl/QQT74m

19/01/17 Adjournment Debate on the Ayrshire Growth Deal https://goo.gl/wx6EN3

17/01/17 Digital Equipment Ltd’s pension scheme 

11/01/17 Opposition Day Debate on NHS and social care funding https://goo.gl/UGf0h8

9/01/17 Response to UK Government Statement on Mental health and NHS performance https://goo.gl/e3Xlr5

22/11/16 Opposition Day Debate on NHS Sustainability https://goo.gl/xN6iT7

15/11/16  Health Service Medical Supplies (Costs) Bill

2/11/16  Opposition Day Debate on Community Pharmacies https://goo.gl/dy7XPm

24/10/16 Health Service Medical Supplies (Costs) Bill, 2nd reading https://goo.gl/0VPbDJ

21/10/16 Sexual Offences (Pardons Etc) Bill https://goo.gl/114NeK

20/10/16 The Rights of EU Nationals https://goo.gl/3UtKSu

2o/10/16 Community Pharmacy in 2016-17 and Beyond https://goo.gl/0uLJ7l

17/10/16 NHS sustainability and transformation plans https://goo.gl/Ra84Yh


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