The following links will take you to entries on Parliament TV or Hansard for Philippa’s  main contributions in the House of Commons:

Recent Speeches

Parliamentary Session June 2017 onwards

15/1/18 See my speech in the Second Reading debate on the Space Industry

10/1/18 My speech on the NHS England Winter Crisis and how continual reorganisation has led to the English NHS becoming budget centred rather than patient centred and fails to properly value its staff. I also took the opportunity to the correct the UK Health Minister who got his facts wrong about NHS Scotland A&E figures

01/11/17 My speech in the debate on Children’s Oral Health

25/10/17 My speech in the Opposition Day Debate on Social Care

19/10/17 My speech in the debate Valproate and fetal anticonvulsant syndrome –

10/10/17 Speaking in the Baby Loss Debate

12/10/17 Speaking in a Westminster Hall debate on the Provision of 30 hours Childcare

12/9/17 My intervention in the Adjournment debate on Access to NHS Dentists

11/7/17 Emergency Debate on an Independent Public Inquiry into the Contaminated Blood Scandal

5/7/17 Westminster Hall debate on Support for WASPI women

28/6/17 Queen’s Speech Debate on Security, Health and Social Care

Parliamentary Session May 2015 – May 2017

27/2/17 Estimates Debate on the NHS and Social Care Budget

27/2/17 Debate on the  e-petition relating to attacks on NHS medical staff

9/2/17  Occupied Palestinian Territories: Israeli Settlements https://goo.gl/slQxK1

31/1/17 European Union (Notifications of Withdrawal) Bill https://goo.gl/lYUDAJ

30/1/17 Agenda for Change: NHS Pay Restraint https://goo.gl/QQT74m

19/01/17 Adjournment Debate on the Ayrshire Growth Deal https://goo.gl/wx6EN3

17/01/17 Digital Equipment Ltd’s pension scheme 

11/01/17 Opposition Day Debate on NHS and social care funding https://goo.gl/UGf0h8

9/01/17 Response to UK Government Statement on Mental health and NHS performance https://goo.gl/e3Xlr5

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