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March 25, 2015

‘‘It totally changed my life,’’ said Philippa Whitford, a consultant breast-cancer surgeon who is running for the SNP in Central Ayrshire, a district of former mining communities and more affluent towns on the west coast that was once the stomping ground of Scotland’s national poet Robert Burns. It also used to be safe Labour territory. No longer.




 Saturday 31 January 2015

SNP select Central Ayrshire candidate

The Scottish National Party has selected Consultant Breast Surgeon Philippa Whitford (pictured) to contest the Central Ayrshire constituency at May’s UK Election.

Dr Whitford currently works at Crosshouse Hospital and made a major impact during the recent Independence Referendum with a devastating speech outlining the dangers to the NHS of Westminster’s privatisation agenda.

 Polls suggest the SNP could be on course to record a landslide victory on May 7th, with Sky News last week reporting a poll-of-polls showing the party would take 53 of Scotland’s 59 constituencies if current support translates into votes.


 Thursday January 15th 2015

 Vote Them In, Send Them South!

Last but not least is indie heroine and Women For Independence campaigner Dr. Philippa Whitford, who is a candidate for Central Ayrshire. Philippa has stepped up to the plate following her passionate referendum campaigning, especially in defence of the health and well-being of all our citizens which is her area of expertise, and to protect the NHS against privatisation.  One endorsement from a local constituent said:

“After listening to all the candidates during recent Hustings, Philippa wholeheartedly has my support: her strong principals, inspirational presentations, clear values and her appeal to the electorate is second to none. She was an excellent ambassador for Women for Independence and will run a creditable and robust campaign for the SNP.”

I also see that my friends over at Scot Goes Pop have Philippa pencilled in already for Work and Pensions Secretary, so I guess she has to win! With her experience as a surgeon, Philippa will posses real specialist knowledge of the health sector that will be an asset in Westminster.


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