During the referendum, I campaigned against the Conservative/LibDem coalition’s privatisation of the English NHS, which is built on Labour’s policy of introducing private providers. This process, along with the creeping introduction of charges, is undermining the very nature of the NHS in England.

While management of NHS Scotland is devolved, the funding depends on the block grant set by Westminster, so their decisions affect our Scottish NHS! This is why I finally decided to put myself forward for Westminster.

Having worked as a medical volunteer in Gaza and Lebanon, I saw people suffer for lack of healthcare and know the true value of our NHS. That is why I travelled over 5000 miles to speak at meetings all over Scotland; from Arran to Cupar and Langholm to Elgin.

Since the vote on the 18th September 2014 which saw a small majority in favour of retaining the union with the rest of the UK, this issue has not gone away and is, arguably, more important than ever.

The following videos are a small sample of the meetings at which I spoke on the subject, and illustrate the issue.  Simply click on the word “Playlist” at the top left of the image below for a list of the videos.

In addition to those four appearances, Youtube has other recordings of Philippa’s engagement with the electorate around Scotland during her tour.  Some of these are featured in this longer playlist.

This final video, from an East Kilbride meeting, has signing for the hearing impaired.