Where and When

There are a large number of branch activities that need help from willing supporters.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be expected to traipse round the doors, although there are a lot of potential voters that need to be reached, by a variety of means, only one of which is walking.

Canvassing is a common activity which is normally done in groups so, if you’ve never done anything like that before, you will be paired with an experienced canvasser who will ease you into the joys of chatting to the public.

Each branch will be glad of assistance to run drop-in cafés or “meet your MP” events and to sort leaflets etc. into delivery runs.  If you are already an SNP member, there are more specialised tasks that can be allocated, and those can be done from the comfort of your home.

Please consider how you can help and feel free to contact one of the branch organisers whose details are provided on each page.

Please note that since Philippa’s election the volume of such work has reduced significantly but, help may still be needed from time to time.

Thank you.

Links to local area activities:


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