Special Interests


Annual Fund Raising Day for Scottish Medical Aid for Palestinians

I took part in the annual fundraiser for Scottish Medical Aid for Palestinians Event in November where I spoke about the challenges faced by breast cancer patients in Gaza. It was a lovely event with stalls selling Palestinian food and embroider, with the monies raised all going to help people who are in a desperate situation.

Breast Cancer Care

I gave a lecture via Skype to Palestinian health professionals in attendance at a conference in Gaza. Organised by Medical Aid for Palestinians as part of their Breast Cancer Awareness Month activities, the conference was designed to teach delegates more about breast cancer treatment and care. Read more about it here


Below, is a picture of a group of young women Wearing it Pink on the Dunya site in Gaza to help raise awareness of breast cancer. Read my article on the difficulties Palestinian women face trying to access treatment for breast cancer due to the Blockade, which can be read here