SNP Opposition Day Debate on the Impact of the UK’s Exit from the EU – 17/3/21

This week the SNP Group at Westminster held a debate on the damaging impact leaving the EU has had just two and half months on from the end of the transition period. In my capacity as Spokesperson for Europe, I closed the debate, speaking to the motion:

That this House considers that the immediate economic damage, recent uncertainty and the projected long-term damage to business and trade from the UK leaving the European Union has disproven the perceived benefits of leaving the European Union; notes that the Scottish economy, specifically fishing, small businesses and manufacturing, are particularly vulnerable to market disruption; further notes that the failure of the UK Government to remain in mutually beneficial education schemes such as Erasmus+ is to the detriment of education and cultural exchange for people in Scotland and the rest of the UK; shows serious concern at the loss of EU funding and its replacement with the Shared Prosperity Fund; affirms the positive role immigration plays in society; and regrets the impact leaving the EU will have on those who wish to live, study and work in the UK.

You can watch my speech in full below and you can read the text here