Transport Questions 02/07/20

I asked the Secretary of State for Transport if he would commit to protecting aviation and aerospace jobs in Central Ayrshire and whether or not he supported a green recovery.

Many aviation and aerospace companies recognise the need for investment in a green recovery, post Covid-19, to develop a more environmentally sustainable aviation industry.

NATS Air Traffic Control centre at Prestwick has already spent millions on the iTEC system to allow more fuel efficient flight paths and reduce carbon emissions.

The UK Government needs to follow those of France, Germany and the US, by providing a sector -specific package to support aerospace jobs and invest in a Green Aviation Recovery.

You can watch my question below and see the full here in Hansard.

Dr Philippa Whitford (Central Ayrshire) (SNP)

NATS air traffic control centre in my constituency has invested millions in modernising flight path management to cut fuel usage and reduce carbon emissions. Without action, covid threatens thousands of jobs in UK aviation and aerospace, so will the Secretary of State commit to a sector-specific package to protect jobs and promote a green aviation recovery?

Grant Shapps

As I mentioned in an answer a few moments ago, we have already put billions of pounds into supporting this sector. The hon. Lady may be pleased to hear that there is something she can do, and that is to ask the Scottish Government to join with us to ensure that we can have air bridges in place nationwide as quickly as possible.