Brexit Readiness: Operation Yellowhammer debate 25/09/19

On September 25th I asked The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Michael Gove during the debate of the Yellowhammer report about the impact a no-deal Brexit would have on organic farmers. I asked about organic farmers, including those in my constituency and food producers and that they will not be able to export to the EU at all until the UK organic certifiers are approved by the EU, however, I didn’t get much of an answer!

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We are well aware of the impact of high tariffs on agri-foods, but organic farmers and food producers will not be able to export at all until UK certifiers are approved and registered. That will affect food producers in my constituency and across the UK, particularly those who export across the Irish border. Will that be sorted by the end of next month, or will they just have to accept the impact on their businesses?

The hon. Lady makes a very good point. Food producers will be able to export, but the organic certification under which they secure a particular benefit at the moment will not automatically be granted on 1 November. Some agri-food sectors—not just organics, but seed potatoes, for example—will experience a particularly adverse effect. We are seeking to ensure that the EU recognises that and moves rapidly to mitigate it, but I am grateful to her for having given me an opportunity to put it on the record that yes, the organics sector will be among those that face the strongest headwinds if we leave without a deal.